Fast and Effective Change by the Power of your Mind

You’ve probably arrived here because you want to change something about your life.

Perhaps, you have a habit or addiction that you want to end. Maybe, you have tried to lose weight and failed. Or, you have an irrational fear which is stopping you from joining in with life to the full. Alternatively, you may want improve your performance, say in sport or business.

Whatever it is, then I can help you.

I use an eclectic selection of psychological methods and techniques which enable you to train your mind to change your behaviour. Usually it takes just a few sessions to help you change something which you may have lived with and loathed all your life.

Its All in the Mind?

Just to confuse you, I have to tell you the mind doesn’t physically exist. It is not possible for a surgeon to open you up and take out your mind. The mind is not the brain, although the brain may play a part in creating the mind but so does the rest of the body and also our external environment. It is a construct, an explanation of our experience that cannot be explained purely by physical sciences.